Sunth Princely State

06 Dec 2018  Thu

Sunth state was established in 1255 AD. It was part of Rewa Kantha Agency of the Bombay presidency. Sunth rulers were Paramara by caste and their origin can be traced to Mahipawat branch of Malwa dynasty. According to the Sunth bards, Jhalam Singh, a Ponwar came from Mount Abu and established his rule at Jhalod in the Panchmahal. According to another popular saga, the Sunth lineage came from Dhar in Malwa when their principality was conquered by the Muslim rulers.

The rulers of Sunth issued only copper coins in the denomination of Paisa and Half Paisa from Sunth mint. These coins were struck in square, round, and rectangular shape. Coins showed the solar symbols with serrated rays on its obverse while the reverse of a coin bears the Nagari legend ‘Sri Rampura’.

Image Source: Todywalla Auctions

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