Oldest Post Office of Falkland Island on Latest Stamps

29 Nov 2018  Thu

On 28th November, The Falkland Islands released a set of four stamps to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the country’s oldest post office building named Old Post Office House located at Fox Bay. Built in 1918, the Post Office was run by a wireless operator cum postmaster. It offered postal services until the 1980s and was later converted into a postal museum in 2015.

The £1.22 stamp features the Old Post Office and Museum along with a postmark from Fox Bay and the issue date. The other three stamps bear a denomination of 31p, 76p and £1.01 respectively. The £1.01 stamp features the Royal Princess dropping in a letter inside a red post box. The 76p stamp features an image of old post office scales while the 31p stamp depicts a black-and-white photograph of the Post Office that was clicked in the 1940s.

Image Courtesy: The Falkland Island Post

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