Two Rare Philatelic Delights to be Offered by Corinphila Auction

02 Nov 2018  Fri

Corinphila auction in Zurich is going to offer several rare and interesting stamps from November 26th to December 1st. The 1857 Castle cover comes with two rare 1856 1-penny orange vermilion imperforate stamps, featuring the Large Star watermark. It’s named after the one who discovered it, T.H. Castle. There are no other known examples of such a pair on Cover, and it has a listed market value of $65,000. The cover is being offered at a starting bid of 40,000 Swiss francs. The standard issue of this stamp has no watermark.

Another highlight is the 1d Cape of Good Hope error stamp issued in 1861, which will be offered at a starting bid of 50,000 Swiss. The Triangular provisional issue known as the Wood Block is generally vermilion or red in colour. However, the offered error stamp is pale milky blue in colour and is se-tenant with the triangular 4d stamp of the same colour. There are only 4 known examples of the offered pair and none have been offered so far in the last 36 years. It belonged to collections of Philipp la Renotiere von Ferrary and Maurice Burrus.

2 unique unused Zurich 4-rappen black cantonal stamps with a red line underprint are being offered at a starting bid of 60,000 Swiss francs. Just six such pairs exist today and the offered one was a part of Alfred F. Lichtenstein’s collection.

Image Courtesy: Corinphila Auction

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