Let’s remember the most versatile Indian Musician

19 Nov 2018  Mon

A Poet and virtuoso music composer, Salil Chowdhury was born on 19th November 1922. Affectionately celebrated as ‘Salilda’ to millions of his admirers was one of the greatest musical talents India ever had.

Salil was born in a Harinavi village, 24 Parganas of Bengal Presidency. His childhood was spent in the tea gardens region of Assam. After studied in Harinavi D.V.A.S high School he joined Bangabasi College for graduation.

Salil composed some wonderful and evergreen songs like Zindagi Khwab Hai, Lagi Naahi Chhite Rama, Suhana Safar, Koi hota jisko apna. These compositions are hard to ignore for any lover of vintage-era Hindi film music. Apart from composing the music, Chowdhury also wrote the story for the film and won the Filmfare award for Best Story and an international prize at the Cannes Film Festival.

Although this multi-layered artist passed away years ago his songs remain in the heart of millions of people still today. To honor this legendary India post has issued a stamp commemorate him in 2013.

Image Source: Mintage World

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