Thakurs of Bhaunagar

15 Nov 2018  Thu

Bhaunagar was a Princely State during the British rule in India. The state was founded in the year 1723 by Bhavsinhji Gohil, after whom Bhaunagar got its name. The Gohil were the Rajputs of Suryavanshi clan, in the year 1260 AD, they moved to the coastal areas of Gujarat where they established three capitals Sejakpur, Umrala, and Sihor.

In the year 1948, after the independence of India, the state got merged with the Union of India.

Thakurs of Bhaunagar issued copper coins in the name of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan III. These coins were found in the denominations of Trambiyo, Dokdo, Dhinglo, and Paisa.

Represented here is a copper half Dam of 9.3g issued in the name of Muhammad Akbar II. The obverse of a coin showed the Persian legend while the reverse of a coin depicts with ‘Shri Sava’ an auspicious symbol.

Image Source: Todywalla Auctions

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