Highlights at Stack’s Bowers Baltimore Currency Auction

10 Nov 2018  Sat

Stack’s Bowers Galleries organised the Official Currency Auction of the Whitman Coin & Collectibles Winter Expo. The total sale of the auction crossed the $11 million mark. One of the highlights was the "1890 $1000 Grand Watermelon Treasury Note", graded PCGS About New 50 from the Joel Anderson collection. Only two such notes exist in private hands. It was the first note to be auctioned for more than $1 million in October 2005. This time it was sold for $2.04 million.

The Act of October 12, 1837 $100 Interest Bearing Note was sold for $114,000, an amount that’s four times its estimated value. It’s the only known federal note issued between the 1815 Treasury Notes and the Demand Notes of 1861.

An About New 58 $10 Refunding Certificate was auctioned for $780,000. Only two examples of this note exist, out of which, this one is in private hands while the other one is preserved at the Bureau of the Public Debt. The third part of Joel R. Anderson Collection sale brought in $26 million. The final sale is scheduled for February 2019 in Baltimore.

The face and back proofs of the 1891 $500 Treasury Notes from the Caine Collection of Federal Proofs and Essays were sold for $120,000. Part II of the Caine Collection will be offered during the Whitman Expo Auction in February 2019.

A newly discovered serial number 1 1882 $10 Brown Back from the Capitol National Bank of Guthrie, Oklahoma, graded Choice Very Fine 35 by PMG was auctioned online for $33,600. A serial number 1 $5 Brown Back from the First National Bank of Orlando, Florida, graded PMG Very Fine 30 was auctioned online for $30,000.

A $50 Federal Reserve Bank Note from St. Louis, graded PCGS Currency Extremely Fine 45 was sold for $30,000 and an 1869 $20 “Rainbow” Legal Tender Note, graded PCGS Currency Very Choice New 64 PPQ was sold for $26,400.

A scarce 1928 $10 Gold Certificate, Graded PCGS Gem New 65 PPQ was sold for $28,800. A serial number 5 1928 $1 Legal Tender Note graded PMG About Uncirculated 55 was sold for $21,600. A 7 Shillings 6 Pence “Sword in Hand” note issued on 18th August 1775, graded PCGS Choice About New 58 was sold for $19,200.

Image Courtesy: Stack’s and Bowers Galleries

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