Maler Kotla Princely State

25 Oct 2018  Thu

The princely state of Malerkotla or Maler Kotla was under the political control of the Jalandhar Commissioner Division Punjab during the British rule. The Nawabs of Maler Kotla were of Afghan descent and originally held portions of trust in the Sirhind province under the Mughal emperors. As the empire sank into decay during the 18th century, the local chiefs gradually became independent.

The last ruler of Maler Kotla signed the accession to join the Indian Union on 20 August 1948. Nawab Amir Ali Khan ruled the Malerkotla state from 1821 to 1845 AD.

He introduced silver Rupee and their different fractions during the reign. This quarter silver rupee is attributed to his reign. Persian legend and floral design bore the obverse face of the coin while reverse side inscribed with Persian legend and RY date.

Image Source: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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