Aruban Culture Stamps of 2018

10 Oct 2018  Wed

The post office of Aruba released a new variety of beautiful culture themed stamps for collection on August 13, 2018. Let’s take a look at these post stamps and their meaning.

First from the list is the 90 Cents Dera Gai stamp. This stamp represents one of the biggest cultural celebrations on the island known as Dera Gai meaning “Bury the Rooster” in English. The tradition goes all the way back to native Arubans that would bury a live rooster as an offering to thank for good harvest and as a prayer for the next crop. Dera Gai takes place in Aruba on the night of June 23rd through the 24th.

The next one is 130 cent Aloe stamp which represents the faiths and beliefs. The older Aruba generation would use aloe trees as an amulet. Aloe tree is planted in yard entrance, believing that the tree keeps away negative energy and evil from.

220 cent stamp features Folkloric Dance Costumes. The stamp depicts a girl wearing dress with frills with a band tied on the waist. This is typical attire worn during the performance of folk dance.

The fourth and the last stamp with the denomination of 420 Cent talks about Typical Aruban Food. The gastronomy in Aruba is influenced by several countries in the world including the Caribbean, Latin America and even Europe. A typical dish in Aruba has funchi or pan bati “corn bread”, plantains, red fish and fresh lime juice.

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