New Hungarian Coin to Mark the End of World War I

09 Oct 2018  Tue

World War I was fought from August 1914 to November 1918. The deadly war led to massive destruction and unaccountable deaths. Hungary will be issuing 3,000 Proof .925 fine silver 10,000-forint coins and 10,000 patinated copper-nickel 2,000-forint coins on 16th October to honour the victims, mark 100 years of the end of the 1st World War, and celebrate the formation of the 1st Hungarian Republic.

The obverse features a Eurocentric map of the world with a ring structure. Significant World War I battles of Hungary are marked with stars. The names of these locations are outlined. A different surface finish is applied for opposing forces and neutral countries. The reverse features a similar ring structure and a scene from the trenches. The trenches are cross-shaped to honour the victims. A Hungarian text translates to ā€œ100th Anniversary of the End of World War Iā€. An additional inscription includes the year dates 1918ā€“2018. Both coins have a diameter of 38.61 millimetres. The 31.46 grams silver coin costs $62.50 while the 30.8 grams copper-nickel coin costs $18.50. They will be available for purchase in November.

The Austro-Hungarian Empire was formed after the Central Powers were defeated in World War I. The independent Hungarian Republic was formed eventually.

Image Courtesy: Coin & Currency Institute

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