The Year of the Pig Celebrated on Banknotes from Macau

08 Oct 2018  Mon

Banco Nacional Ultramarino and Banco da China have released special 10-pataca banknotes commemorating the Chinese Year of the Pig. A very limited number of banknotes have been released by these two banks authorized by the Monetary Authority of Macau. These legal tender notes are dated 2019.

Notes released by both the banks are almost similar in design. They feature Chinese and Portuguese legends (because of Macau’s colonial history). The obverse of these pink-coloured notes features a red-coloured pig and a Chinese calendar. The reverse depicts a gold-coloured pig. The headquarter-buildings of the respective banks are featured on the reverse.

Interested buyers had to register themselves online from 11th to 26th June. 25 2018 Year of the Dog notes and 25 2019 Year of the Pig notes have been released by both banks.

Image Courtesy: The Monetary Authority of Macau

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