Guardians of our Skies: Indian Air Force Day 2018

08 Oct 2018  Mon

Officially established in 1932, Indian Air Force (IAF) or Bharatiya Vayu Sena, celebrates Air Force Day on 8th October every year! It is recognised as Indian Air Force Day and is celebrated to increase the awareness about the importance of Indian Air Force in the national security.

The day is marked with traditional military parades in all of the Air Force Stations. The ‘Nishan Toli’, a flag which symbolises the bravery, valour, commitment, integrity and excellence of the Indian Air Force, is carried by a Lieutenant in the middle. The ceremony starts with the taking an oath and laying wreaths as a tribute to all the brave hearts of the Air Force who have laid down their lives in the service of the nation. At Delhi various awards and medals of honour are presented to the air warriors. This is followed by aerobatics.

Let’s know a little bit about our valiant Guardians of the Skies!
On its establishment Indian Air Force was an Auxiliary Air Force of British Empire. The prefix “Royal” was added in 1945 in recognition of its contribution in the WWII. Later after Independence the Royal Indian Air Force served the Dominion of India and since India’s recognition as a Republic country in 1950 the prefix “Royal” was dropped and today the Indian Air Force is the Air Arm of the Indian Armed Forces.

Indian Air Force is the world’s 4th largest Air Arm. It has the responsibility of safeguarding the Indian Territory, providing help during natural calamities to the affected areas and it’s first and foremost responsibility is to secure the Indian airspace and to carry out aerial warfare during conflicts.

Since its inception in 1932, the Indian Air Force has had a remarkable history of achievements. The Indian Air Force has actively involved in the following:

• World War II
• Sino-Indian War
• Operation Cactus
• Operation Vijay
• Kargil War
• Indo-Pakistani War of 1965
• Indo-Pakistani War of 1947
• Congo Crisis
• Operation Poomalai
• Operation Pawan

India Post has issued a number of commemorative stamps honouring the strength and the sacrifices of Indian Air Force. To view them click here. The coin depicted beside was issued in 2007 to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee of the Indian Air Force.

This INR 2 commemorative coin has on obverse the Ashokan Lion Capitol and denomination between horizontal lines with texts “Bharat INDIA”, “Satyameva Jayate”, “2 Rupaye RUPEES”. The reverse has “Planes in flight” with the texts “Platinum Jubilee Bharatiya Vayu Sena” in Devanagari, and “INDIAN AIR FORCE 1932-2007”, “PLATINUM JUBILEE” in Roman script.

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