Frog Featured on Latest Coin in the Colourful Creatures Series from Austria

29 Sep 2018  Sat

Austrian Mint released the 9th coin in its “colourful creatures” series featuring a green tree frog. All coins in the series implement a glow-in-the-dark effect on the highlighted creature.

One side depicts all 12 animals in the series while the other side features a green tree frog that glows in the dark. The coins are struck in 16 grams of copper alloy and they have a mintage limit of 50,000 pieces. The diameter of these coins with a face value of 3 Euro is 34 millimetres and each one can be purchased for € 8.25.

A tadpole transforms into a frog within 24 hours after a hormone called “thyroxine” is produced. This process is fascinating to watch, due to which frogs are loved by many nature lovers and animal enthusiasts.

The next three coins in the series will depict Turtle, Otter and Crayfish, all of which would be released next year.

Image Courtesy: Austrian Mint

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