Silver Tanka of Nasir Al-Din Nusrat Shah

25 Sep 2018  Tue

Nasir Al-Din Nusrat was a Sultan of Bengal Sultanate from 1519 until his assassination in 1533 AD. He continued his father’s expansionist policies after succeeding him.

Nusrat Shah introduced gold and silver coins in octagonal and round shape. His coins are of rich quality as those of his father. The legends are spread over both the sides. There is no religious expression on his coins apart from ‘Khallada Allah Mulkahu’. However, in some coins, only ‘Khallada Mulkahu’ is found. Dates written on his coins are difficult to interpret in many cases.

Depicted here is beautiful silver Tanka of Nusrat Shah which issued from Muzaffarabad mint. The obverse of a coin inscribed with legend ‘Al Sultan Bin Al Sultan Nasir Al Dunya Wal Din Abul Muzaffar’. The reverse of showed the legend ‘Nusrat Shah Al Sultan Bin Husain Shah Al Sultan Al Husaini Khallada Allah Mulkahu’.

Image Source: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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