Uruguay’s New 50-peso Banknote

24 Sep 2018  Mon

The Central Bank of Uruguay officially started circulating their newly designed 50-peso polymer banknotes from 14th September. The last redesign at such a scale was made by the bank in 1994. The new design commemorates the 50th anniversary of the bank which was established in 1957.

A total of 10 million banknotes have been printed in the first phase. The note’s blue-gold colour scheme matches that of Uruguay’s national flag. The obverse features the national coat of arms, a map of Uruguay, and a big anniversary logo of the bank. The reverse features a representation of a 1967 modern art in wood by Walter Deliott, called Mural: Construcción Portuaria. The original artwork is showcased at the bank itself. Officials believe that the artwork clearly represents the national, social, and economic aspects of Uruguay.

The Bank also has plans to print polymer notes in higher-circulating lower denominations to increase their durability. The new 20-peso note will be smaller in size than the 50-peso note, to help visually impaired people differentiate between denominations.

Image Courtesy: Central Bank of Uruguay

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