Gold Dinar of Shams Al-Din Ibrahim Shah

21 Sep 2018  Fri

The Jaunpur Sultanate attained its greatest height under the younger brother of Mubarak Shah, who ruled as Shams Al-Din Ibrahim Shah (1402-1440 AD). To the east, his kingdom extended to Bihar and to the west to Kanauj. He even marched on Delhi at one point.

He issued coins in all the four metals; gold, silver, copper, and billon. Copper coins are found in fractions like ½ Falus and Falus. These coins bore Arabic inscription ‘Ibrahim Shah Sultani’ on its obverse and reverse has legend ‘Khalifah Abul Fath’.

One of his gold Tanka was sold for INR 90,000 by Classical Numismatic Gallery. The coin showed the Arabic legend on its both side. The obverse depicts legend in straight lines ‘al-Sultan al-'Azam Shams al-Dunyawa al-Din Abu al-Muzaffar Ibrahim Shah Sultani Khulidat Mamalkatahu’. The reverse bore legend in circle ‘Fi Zaman al-Imam Nayab Amir al-Mumineen Abu al-Fatah Khulidat Khilafatahu’ and date in words in the margins.

Image Source: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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