Gold Coin of Queen Victoria

20 Sep 2018  Thu

On 23rd September 2018, Imperial Auction is commencing an online Auction No: 16. This auction will hold a lot from the British India coinage. In the feature image of this article, the gold Mohur of Queen Victoria is illustrated. This coin will be bided for the estimated price of INR 1,00,000 to 1,10,000.

The obverse of this coin depicted the bust of the young queen facing left with divided legend ‘Victoria Queen’ and date ‘1841’ below it. On the truncation of the portrait initial ‘W.W.’ is seen within the toothed rim. The reverse of this coin depicts a lion walking towards the left with a palm tree in the background with a continuous legend ‘East Indian Company’ above it and denomination in exergue within the dotted border.

There are many interesting coins bided on this auction, don’t miss this opportunity to acquire these coins and make them the part of your collections.

To know more about this auction click here.

Image Courtesy: Imperial Auctions

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