Police Force Honoured on Canadian Postage Stamps

18 Sep 2018  Tue

Canada Post had released one stamp every day last week to honour the country’s Emergency Responders. The final stamp design from this series was dedicated to the Police Force and was launched on 14th September at Ottawa Police Association.

As per media reports, Canadian Police officers undertake crucial and dangerous tasks with compassion, integrity and professionalism to make Canada one of the safest countries in the world. They are also deployed to other countries for assistance in times of trouble.

The other four stamps in the series are dedicated to Canadian paramedics, Armed Forces, search and rescue experts, and firefighters. All of them are non-denominated permanent-rate stamps. They are available as self-adhesives in a booklet of 10 with two stamps of each design, and in a souvenir sheet of five stamps with moisture-activated gum. The stamps and souvenir sheet were designed by William Lam and they were illustrated by Shiro Nishiguchi. 400,000 booklets of 10 stamps and 80,000 souvenir sheets were printed using five-colour lithography by Colour Innovations.

Images related to all five stamps are shown on the booklet cover and selvage of the souvenir sheet. An FDC has also been released for each stamp. They are postmarked in the location where the stamp designs were revealed. The pictorial postmark features an item that is related to the respective emergency responders.

Image Courtesy: Canada Post

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