Search and Rescue Professionals Honoured on Canadian Stamps

15 Sep 2018  Sat

Canada Post released one stamp every day this week to honour the country’s Emergency Responders. The third stamp in the series was released on 12th September honouring search and rescue professionals. Five non-denominated permanent-rate stamps were released in this series.

The third stamp design was unveiled in Banff, Alberta. The stamp features a dangerous rescue taking place up in the mountains. Members from search and rescue teams are trained in survival, first aid, parachuting, diving and mountain climbing. They do whatever it takes to rescue people who are lost, hurt or stranded.

Other stamps in the series are dedicated to Canadian paramedics, Canadian Armed Forces, firefighters, and police officers. A booklet of 10 with two stamps of each design and a pane of five stamps will be available for purchase. An FDC will also be released for each stamp.

Image Courtesy: Canada Post

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