Switzerland Releases New 200-franc Banknotes

11 Sep 2018  Tue

Switzerland issued a new 200-franc banknote on 22nd August. Six new notes are going to be a part of the country’s ninth currency series, and the latest note is the fourth one in this award-winning series that follows the theme “Many Facets of Switzerland”. Each denomination would highlight a different Swiss Characteristic and several modern devices would be used to illustrate these designs.

The Latest 200-franc note highlights Switzerland’s expertise in scientific research and inventions. The obverse designs of all banknotes feature a hand and a globe. The main motif on the note denotes “matter”. The vertical designs are brown and blue-green in colour while the note has a dimension of 70- by 151 millimeters.

Fingers of the hand denote three axis coordinates to represent the spatial dimensions in which matter expands. Over the globe, you can see the earth’s landmasses during the late Cretaceous period. An abstract map of the geological ages of Switzerland is shown on the security strip. A timeline showing the stages Universe’s formation is also shown.

A particle collision is shown on the reverse to highlight the international importance of Swiss scientific activities. A particle detector represents Switzerland as a research hub. A three-layer substrate called Durasafe is used to produce these notes.

Al 50-, 20-, and 10-franc notes from the series have already been issued. They are all smaller than their earlier versions. The 10-franc note was chosen as the Banknote of the Year by International Bank Note Society in 2017 while the 50-franc note received the same recognition in 2018. Notes belonging to the 8th series continue to be legal tender until further notice.

Image Courtesy: Central Bank of Switzerland

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