Commemorative coin on I.L.O

11 Sep 2018  Tue

Indian Government had issued a 5 Rupee Commemorative coin with the theme of the International Labour Organization (I.L.O).

The International Labour Organization is a United Nation Organization, which deals with the problem faced by the Labours. This organization was established in the year 1919 with an aim to promote social justice for the Labours and also to improve the social and living condition of the workers throughout the world. The organization has its headquarters in Geneva (Switzerland) and it also has its branches throughout the world.

This organization had also received the Nobel Peace Prize for pursuing decent work and justice for the workers and also for improving peace among the classes.

Indian Government had issued this 5 Rupee commemorative coin on 27th October 1994 to celebrate the 75th anniversary of its establishment. Commemorative coin of Rupees 50 and 100 was also issued in Proof and Uncirculated specimen.

Image Courtesy: eBay Image Courtesy: eBay

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