Lion-and-Arms Type Stamps of Sweden

06 Sep 2018  Thu

The first definitive postage stamps of Sweden appeared in 1855. The first stamps were denominated in Skilling which were reprinted in the year 1859 with a new denomination “Ore”. Ore hence forth became the major denomination till 1985.

A set of four stamps with new design were issued in the year 1862 continuing through 1869. The stamps were issued with two designs and four denominations ranging from 3 Ore to 20 Ore. The lowest denomination stamp of 3 Ore was issued with Brown colour and a lying lion with a crown on his back in the centre. The name of country is seen on the top and the denomination below the lion. Inscription “FRIMARKE” flanked by number 3 appears at the bottom.

The other three stamps feature somewhat similar design. However, the lion is now seating facing with crown on his back and the name of the country on the top. A huge square window appears below the lion with displays the denomination in number and is flanked by ORE on both the sides.

The other stamps were issued in Red Violet, Gray and Brownish Orange Red colour for the stamps with the denominations 17 Ore, 17 Ore and 20 Ore respectively.

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