Highlights of Oswal Antiques

04 Sep 2018  Tue

Oswal Antiques held their auction no. 74 on 1st September in the World Trade centre, Mumbai during the MCS 16th Annual Coin, Banknote & Philately Fair 2018. The fascinating specimen from this lot is the coin illustrated in the feature image, it is the gold coin of Emperor Samudragupt and was sold for INR 4, 00,000.

Similar Gupta Archer type gold dinar of Kumara Gupta went for INR 2, 00,000. Another gold coin of Samudragupta went for INR 50,000. Even the gold dinar of Kushan King Vasudev I was sold for INR 50,000. The silver coin of Satavahans king Vasithiputa Siva Siri Pulumavis was sold for INR 45,000.

This lot consists different copper and silver coin of India and world for auction, one impressive coin was a silver drachma of Macedonia issued in the reign of Alexander III. The copper Gajapati Varah coin of western Gangas was also a beautiful collectable.

There was also beautiful silver Tara of Kadamas of Goa, it was sold for INR 8000. This lot had many amazing and fascinating coins. Many of these coins were sold for a very good price.

Image Courtesy: Oswal Antiques

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