Silver Tanka of Ghiyath Al Din Tughluq

28 Aug 2018  Tue

The founder of the Tughlaq dynasty, Ghiyath Al Din Tughlaq reigned the Sultanate of Delhi from 1320 to 1325. His rule was cut short after 5 years when he died under mysterious circumstances in 1325. Ghiyath Al Din was succeeded by his son Ulugh Khan, who took the name Muhammad Bin Tughlaq.

Ghiyath Al Din Tughlaq issued gold, silver, copper, and billon coins during his reign. These coins are found in various denominations like Tanka, Paika, Gani, and Adli.

The coin depicted above is silver Tanka issued during his reign from Hadrat Delhi mint. The obverse of this coin is inscribed with Persian legend ‘Al Sultan Al Ghazi Ghiyat Al Dunya Wa'l Din Abu'l Muzaffar’. The reverse side of this coin features the legend ‘Tughluq Shah Al Sultan Nasir Amir Al Muminin’ Mint name with the date in words around in margin.

Image Source: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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