Mind Blowing Aerial Shots of Guernsey’s Scenic Beauty Captured on Postage Stamps

28 Aug 2018  Tue

Guernsey is one of the islands in the English Channel which is world-famous because of its breathtaking scenic beauty and coastal cliffs. The country issues stamps through Small European Postal Administration Cooperation – SEPAC.

A wonderful set of six stamps was released by Guernsey on 1st August featuring aerial shots of beautiful scenery from the Islands. The photographs were taken by a young talented filmmaker named Elliott Cockett, who is nicknamed “The Drone Ranger.”

A 76-penny stamp depicts the famous St. Saviour reservoir, the 46p features Vale Castle, the 62p stamp shows Rousse Tower, the 63p stamp depicts Torteval Church, the 85p shows Pembroke and the 94p stamp features Beaucette Marina.

Officials are really excited about this release as they feel aerial shots of famous destinations in Guernsey will give the world a whole new perspective about the country’s scenic beauty. The stamps were designed by Mark Totty while they were printed by Cartor by offset in sheets of 10.

Image Courtesy: SEPAC

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