Sun Allegory Stamps of Poland

27 Aug 2018  Mon

Issued on 2ns May 1921, the Sun Allegory stamps of Poland are beautiful commemorative stamps issued to celebrate the New Constitution of March 17, 1921.

The Second Polish Republic adopted the March Constitution on 17 March 1921, after ousting the occupation of the German/Prussian forces in the 1918 Greater Poland Uprising, and avoiding conquest by the Soviets in the 1920 Polish-Soviet War. The Constitution, based on the French one was regarded as very democratic.

To celebrate the constitution a set of seven stamps were issued. Among which the Sun Allegory stamps are very beautiful as well as meaningful stamps. 2 Marca, 3 Marca and 4 March stamps were issued with Green, Blue and Red colour respectively.

The stamp depicts a Wreath in the in the centre with a sun coming out of the top corner. The wreath is inscribed with “KONSTYTUCJA” meaning constitution. The sun breaking into darkness is an allegorical representation of peace rising from despair.

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