Gold coin King Joseph I

27 Aug 2018  Mon

On 1st September 2018, Saturday, Todywalla Auction is going to hold an Auction No: 118 in World Trade centre in Mumbai. The floor auction will begin from 6 pm onwards. In this auction, the lot consists of many different and rare specimens of coins from different period minted in gold, silver and copper metal. There also different banknote and stamp bided in this lot

One of the extremely rare specimens is the gold 2 Xerafims of Portuguese Goa minted during the reign of King Joseph I. He was also known as Jose the Reformer, the king of Portugal and the Algarve's. The obverse of this coin features a large crown covering the whole flan within the dotted border.

The reverse of this coin depicts a large cross in the centre with date ‘1775’ divided into two syllabi with denomination presented in words above it within the dotted border.

The opening bid of this gold coin offered by Todywalla Auction is 2, 00,000. This coin is graded by PCGS AU55 and is quite a beautiful specimen for collection.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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