Maritime Charity Stamps of Norway

24 Aug 2018  Fri

The postal history of Norway began in the year 1855 when Norway issued the first definitive stamp. Over the years, Norway has issued a lot of definitive as well as commemorative postage stamps. In addition to that, the country issued another type of stamps i.e. Charity Stamps.

Charity Stamps are regular definitive and commemorative postage stamps, but they have a "value added tax" or "surtax" on them, designed to raise money for national organizations, public events, and public charities. In some catalogs, they are referred to as "Semi-Postal stamps".

Norway, over the years issued a number of charity stamps for different purposes. This particular type however is a distinct one. Issued on 20th May 1944, the maritime charity stamps were to benefit the victims of wartime ship sinking and their families. A set of three stamps were issued with three designs.

The dark olive green stamp of 10Norwegian ore features "Baroy" Sinking. The stamp was printed along with the surcharge of additional 10 ore. Similarly, the red 10 ore stamp featuring the "Irma" sinking is surcharges with additional twenty ore. Both stamps are inscribed with "Help the Victims" in Norwegian at the top.

The brown olive stamp of 10 ore is a little different. The stamp features the "Sanct Svithun" being attacked by a British aircraft. Surcharged with additional 15 ore, the stamp is inscribed with "Do Not Forget the Victims" in Norwegian at the bottom.

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