The “Melita” Stamp of Malta

21 Aug 2018  Tue

Melita stamp is among the set of stamps issued in the year 1899 along with the first pictorial definitive stamps of Malta.

The Melita stamp is one of the peculiar stamps of Malta. Melita is the personification of Malta and of the Maltese people. The name originated from the Ancient Roman town of Melite, which was destroyed and re-built several times over the centuries. It is now the town of Mdina.

This beautiful stamp has the value of 2 Shillings and Six Pence and comes in Grey olive colour. The stamp features the Melita - allegory of Malta in the centre. She appears wearing a loose-fitting garment and a helmet. She holds a sword in one hand and a shield, emblazoned with the Maltese cross, in the other hand. Behind her are the flags of Malta and of the Order of Saint John.

The portrait of Melita is in arched box of malta cros and laurel leaves. The name of the country appears on the top and the denomination in a rectangular box at the bottom. The melita stamp is considered to be the most beautiful stamps of Malta.

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