Provisional Government Stamps of Naples

14 Aug 2018  Tue

Naples was one of the two states of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies formed in 1815, in the aftermath of the fall of Napoleon Bonaparte and his French Empire. It was the state of Naples who first issued the stamps in the year 1858.

However, two years later in 1860 the revolutionary leader, Giuseppe Garibaldi, quickly conquered Sicily. On September 7, 1860, Garibaldi captured Naples and established a provisional government. Two Italian States stamps for Naples were issued in November and December of 1860 by the provisional government of General Giuseppe Garibaldi.

Both the stamps were issued with the denomination of ½ Italian States Tornese and in Deep Blue colour. Both the stamps have a double circle with the inscription “Bollo Della Posta Napoletana” starting at 7 o’clock and the denomination at the centre.

The design of the first stamp was the same as the definitive Italian States stamps for Naples issued in the year 1858. The stamp features heraldic symbols of the Kingdom of Sardinia. The other stamp features the Cross of Savoy.

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