Coin of Dewan Purnaiya

04 Aug 2018  Sat

Mysore is amongst the oldest Hindu kingdoms built on the foundation of Vijayanagar Empire. Mysore later came under Haider Ali and Tipu Sultan which were both notorious in the British circle and hence it leads to a series Anglo-Mysore wars from 1780 to 1792. Tipu Sultan was defeated by the British and the Mysore throne had a new regent as Maharaja Krishna Raja Wodeyar.

The Dewan Purnaiya (1799-1810 AD) who had been a successful administrator under Tipu was appointed Regent, but he died in 1812. He was known for his skill with accounts, prodigious memory, proficiency in several languages and sheer hard work.

The Copper coins of his reign consist of 25 Cash, 75 Cash, 12-1/2 Cash and 6-1/4 Cash with a figure of Shardula (Mythical Tiger) on the obverse and reverse bears the mint name and value in Kannada, English and Persian script.

Image Source: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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