1935 Prussian blue stamp offered for $24,899

04 Aug 2018  Sat

The most iconic stamp in the world which is considered one of the great philatelic errors of the 20th century is offered by the Paul Fraser Collectible for 24,899 dollars. The story of this stamp is a legend in Great Britain’s philately.

These stamps were printed to commemorate the 25th year of King Georg V coronation and as a passionate stamp collector himself, the king approved for these stamps. The colour of the stamp was decided by the king himself as blue and Mr Barnett Freeman designs were finalized.

Yet, the Printer, Harrison & Son printed some sheets in Prussian blue (darker than normal blue) an error. When they realized their mistake they destroyed the entire sheets with this colour, except for the six sheet send to Post Office stores for inspection. Hence, these 480 stamps of this type still available.

Till today this 2 1/2d Prussian blue stamp is a rarest and most famous of Great Britain.

Image Courtesy: http://gbstamp.co.uk

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