Journey of Chocolate illustrated on Portugal stamp

03 Aug 2018  Fri

Portugal Post has illustrated the journey of cocoa to chocolate on their stamps. It allows the collector and stamp lovers to embark on this fascinating journey to learn the transformation of the fruits of the cocoa tree to a delicious product that is enjoyed through the world. There are few people around the globe that can resist the temptation of chocolate.

This highly tempting and delicious stamp delicious of 0.53 Euro depicts the pod and its beans with a cocoa tree in the background. The people of Mesoamerica are seen on the 0.70 Euro stamp, they were the first one to realise the use of this fruit.

In the third stamp of value 0.65 Euro, an elegant Dutch lady is shown enjoying her morning hot chocolate, a symbol of Europeans passion for chocolate. In the last stamp, an old chocolate factory is seen.

These stamps can give anyone a sweet tooth if you’re both chocolate and stamps that these stamps can be wonderful.

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