13th Century Silver Coins Discovered in Uttarakhand

30 Jul 2018  Mon

A copper pot filled with 329 13th century silver coins was discovered in Kathur, Pauri, Uttarakhand on 21st July by locals who were reconstructing the main gate of an old Bhairav Temple. ASI officials believe that they were Mughal coins from 13th to 16th century and feature Arabic inscriptions. The village gram pradhan submitted the coins to district magistrate on Friday.

293 coins are circular in shape and 38 are rectangular. Their cumulative weight is 3,785 grams. Although the copper container had oxidized, the coins were in good condition. A professor from Garhwal University said that the Himalayan kings from the 13th to 16th Century used currency or coins manufactured by Mughals and Persians for their transactions.

More information about the coin’s age and value will be analysed by the ASI team. The District Magistrate has stated that the temple premises and nearby areas might be excavated for research. ASI officials and the local administration have been asked to watch the area closely.

Before the ASI team reached the site for Physical versification as per orders, the village gram pradhan had already submitted the coins to Additional District Magistrate.

Image Courtesy: Google Images

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