Zurich 4r Black stamp

27 Jul 2018  Fri

The Canton of Zurich in Switzerland took a decision to issue a prepay stamp in 1843. This stamp was printed in two denominations the 4 rappen for local letter and 6 rappen stamp for another cantonal district. This issue of Zurich made it the pioneer in the continental district and also list it as the second government in the entire world to issue postage stamps.

The designer of this stamp took penny black of Great Britain as a model to design this stamp. The design on the four sides is similar to England’s stamp even its background, but the Bust of the queen in the original stamp is replaced by the face value in this stamp.

One of the specimens of this stamp was sold for 123,650 dollars by Cherrystone auction in 2013. Hence, making this stamp one of the most valuable and expensive stamps of Switzerland Post.

Image Courtesy: mystampworld.com

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