Vijaynagara Empire Coins Discovered in Andhra Pradesh

25 Jul 2018  Wed

A pot filled with valuable 17th-century gold coins was excavated from a farm in Andhra Pradesh by a labourer when he was asked to dig the area for laying a water pipe. As many as 30 gold coins were discovered in a copper vessel. Archaeologists from Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) stated that the gold coins belonged to Vijayanagara Empire and were circulated somewhere around 1633 to 1646.

Remains of a chariot and other old artefacts dating back to the ‘Bronze Age’ (2000-1800 BC) were excavated in June by ASI in Uttar Pradesh. Many royal tombs have also been discovered which are almost 4,000 years old. ASI experts will be working hard to preserve the items.

Image Source: Mintage World

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