Bahamani Sultanate coin listed for INR 60,000

24 Jul 2018  Tue

The Bahmani Kingdom was a Muslim State in Deccan; it was the first independent Islamic kingdom of southern India. This kingdom was established by Ala-ud-din Bahman Shah after revolting against the Delhi Sultanate of Muhammad bin Tughluq.

This rare gold mohur issued by Ala-Al-Din Ahmad Shah II of Bahamani Sultanate is listed for INR 60,000 in the upcoming auction of Todywalla which will be held in Mumbai on 5 August 2018. Ala-Al-Din Ahmad Shah II had ruled this Sultanate from 1435 CE till 1457 CE.

The obverse of this coin is inscribed as ‘Al Sultan Al Qavi Al Islam Jami Al Fazl Wa'l Adl Wa Al Ihsan’. The reverse of the coin is inscribed as ‘Abul Muzaffar Ala Al Dunya Wal Din Ahmad Shah Bin Ahmad Shah Al-Sultan, Hijri date 858 and mint name in Hazrat Muhammadabad in the margin’.

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Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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