Rare Loan Certificates to be Auctioned at ANA World’s Fair of Money

23 Jul 2018  Mon

Stack’s Bowers Galleries would be offering the famous John E. Herzog Collection of United States Loan Certificates 1837-2000 on 14th August at ANA World’s Fair of Money. The collection is put together with a lot of effort over a period of 50 long years.

Most of the items in his collection were used to fund wars, and they are rarely auctioned publically. Money used for Mexican, Civil and Spanish-American wars, the Liberty Loans of World War I, and U.S. Savings Bonds are a part of the collection.

One of the highlights is an 1847 $5,000 Treasury note specimen (Hessler X115) which features intricate designs that were created by New York engraving and banknote printing firms before the Civil War period.

Another highlight is the finest complete $5,000 interest-bearing note, F-211, dated 19th August 1861, obverse and reverse proofs with all coupons attached. Another one is an obverse proof of a $1,000 note, F-210, with the same date. Notes issued of this type were all redeemed and only Proofs exist today. The finest collection of United States Liberty Loans (1917 – 1919) will also be offered. Loans from various series, coupon types, and sizes are a part of this collection. A serial number 1 $50 gold bond of 1933 to 1938 with all coupons will be sold publically for the first time.

Image courtesy: Stacks and Bowers

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