Cyprus Stamp Depicting Silver coin of Amathus

20 Jul 2018  Fri

Issued in the year 1928, the stamp of Cyprus depicting a silver coin of Amathus was one among the first issues of the First Commemoratives of Cyprus.

Cyprus an island country in the Eastern Mediterranean is known for its history of Human civilization. Coming centuries brought an age of massive upheavals and by the end of 19th century, Cyprus become a Protectorate of the British Empire. Like many other developments, British brought the Postage System in the country. The early stamps of Cyprus were similar to the other colonies of the Empire.

However, in the year 1928, Cyprus issued her first Commemorative postage stamps that reflected the history and culture of this island nation. Ten commemorative stamps were issued on February 1, 1928, to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the British Government of Cyprus.

The smallest denominated stamp was 3/4 Piaster stamps depicting Silver coin of Amathus which was an important Royal city of ancient Cyprus. The stamp is in deep brown colour depicting the coin of Amathus that depicts a lion in the centre. The stamp depicts the name of the country at the top flanked by the years 1878 and 1928. The denomination ¾ is depicted at the bottom.

The stamps were issued with different denominations ranging from 3/4 Piaster to 1 Pound featuring various aspects of the nation.

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