Solomon Islands Releases New $40 banknote

17 Jul 2018  Tue

The Central Bank of Solomon Islands issued 100,000 commemorative polymer $40 notes on 7th July to celebrate the country’s 40th Independence Day. The blue-coloured issue is the fifth note in the new series of banknotes. New $10, $20, $50, and $100 notes from the series have already been released. It was designed and printed by De La Rue. The note’s modern vertical design symbolises the idea of moving towards development by staying integrated as a nation.

The obverse features a man blowing a conch shell. The traditional instrument of communication was used to call people and start important events. The design also includes a stylized map of all the country’s islands.

The reverse features a horizontal design with the national flag in the background and images of traditional fishing and canoe travel, diving and marine fauna. A sea turtle glows under ultra-violet light. Braille features have also been included for the blind. The collector’s item will also circulate as legal tender. Officials announced that a new polymer $5 note will be issued in 2019.

Image Courtesy: Central Bank of Solomon Islands

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