Portugal Releases Two New Commemorative €2 Coins

17 Jul 2018  Tue

Portugal has released designs for two circulating commemorative €2 coins, one to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the Ajuda Botanical Garden, and the other to mark the 250th anniversary of the nation’s official printing works. Both coins have a mintage limit of 520,000 pieces and will be released in the second half of 2018. Proof versions will also be offered for a premium price.

The Ajuda botanical garden coin design features an image of a very old dracaena tree that grows in the garden. Other inscriptions include 250 ANOS JARDIM BOTANICO DA AJUDA, PORTUGAL 2018, name of the artist, J. FAZENDA, and the Mint mark, INCM. The Garden is a Technological Support Unit of the Agronomy University which provides infrastructure for education and research and is open to the public as well. It is the nation’s first garden dedicated to preserve, study and collect various plant species.

The second coin design shows the inscriptions 1768-2018 / IMPRENSA / NACIONAL / DUZENTOS E / CINQUENTA / 250~ANOS / PORTUGAL / MMXVIII. The letters and numbers look like they are printed from lines of type. Other inscriptions include name of the artist EDUARDO AIRES and the Mint mark INCM. The Official Printing Works published the Portuguese Official Journal with all the legislative activity of the country, books highlighting Portuguese culture and many similar books.

Image Courtesy: Imprensa Nacional Casa de Moeda

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