China Croatia Relationship Commemorative

13 Jul 2018  Fri

The Chinese and the Croats are two people who belong to the two oldest cultures. They are the representatives of their special traditions. A quarter-century ago, China and Croatia shook their hands and established diplomatic relations.

In order to commemorate the Crystal Jubilee i.e. 15 years of their bond, Croatia issued two special stamps as international representatives in the service of peace. The stamps were designed by a Croatian designer Boris Ljubicic and come with the denomination of 5 Croatian kunas.

These highly innovative stamps feature a very unique design. One stamp shows word China embossed on the Papyrus in the Glagolitic script and the other stamp depicts Word Croatia written on the same stone slab but in Mandarin Script with a calligraphy pen which is also shown in the stamps.

Both the stamps have inscription “15th year of Diplomatic Relationship between Croatia and China” written in Croatian and Chinese.

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