Mickey Mouse’s Philatelic Tour in France

10 Jul 2018  Tue

The French postal service issued a special booklet of 12 stamps called “Mickey & La France” on 29th June in which Mickey Mouse visits famous destinations in France. The postal release is a part of the worldwide celebration of Mickey’s 90th birthday.

Mickey Mouse was introduced for the first time in the movie Steamboat Willie on 18th November 1928. Ever since then, the adorable cartoon character has stayed on from generation to generation.

The stamps feature Mickey Mouse visiting Eiffel Tower in Paris, Mont St. Michael in Normandy, and the dormant Auvergne volcanoes. Jose Lozano’s illustrations were used by Luma Agency to design the stamps while Philaposte printed them by gravure.

The nondenominated stamps carry the text “lettre verte” for “green letter” which means that they are not transported by flight and take two days for delivery, unlike a first-class mail which is delivered in one day. The current rate for delivery of a green letter is 0.80. France had released a Stamp Day issue in 2003 that had commemorative stamps depicting Mickey, Minnie Mouse, and Donald Duck.

Image Courtesy: French Postal Service

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