Copper Paisa of Dungarpur Princely State

09 Jul 2018  Mon

The princely state of Dungarpur was founded by the descendants of Mewar’s royal Chieftains in the 12th century. Dungarpur came under the control of Mughal and Maratha Empire because the region of Mahi river basin was bifurcated due to the death of Rawal Udai Singh, who was fighting along with Rana Sanga against Babur at the Battle of Khanwa in 1577 AD.

The last Maharawal Laskhman Singh acceded his state to the newly formed Union of India in 1948 and today Dungarpur the part of Rajasthan state.

This copper Paisa of Dungarpur was issued in the reign of Maharawal Lakshman Singh in 2001 VS. The Obverse of a coin depicts Coat of arms of State while the reverse of a coin inscribed with Devanagari legend ‘Rajya Dungarpur 1 Paisa’.

Image Source: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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