India’s Jasmine scented Stamp

07 Jul 2018  Sat

“Plants that wake when others sleep Timid jasmine buds that keep Their fragrance to themselves all day, Let the delicious secret out To every breeze that roams about”. Jasmine is a popular flower associated with love and romance. Its showy white blooms and heavenly fragrance are ideal for gardens. Widely used in the religious offering, these flowers are also popular for decorative purposes. Many Indian women wear these flowers in their hair. The flowers are also kept inside homes to perfume the air. The flower also mention in English poetry, as in the following line of Thomas Moore, which is depicted above.

Jasmine belongs to the Genus ‘Jasminum’ and includes over 200 species of plants, most of which originated in tropical and sub-tropical areas. Its name comes from the Persian word ‘yasmin’ meaning gift from God.

Besides their natural use as a garden and landscaping plant, Jasmine tea is widely used in many cultures as an ameliorative to cure cough and cold. The essence of Jasmine is also used as a basis for perfumes and ointments.

India post has issued Jasmine scented stamps to remind postal patrons of the flowering plants that gave wonderful smell.

Image Source: Mintage World

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