First Commemorative Stamp of Korea

03 Jul 2018  Tue

The Korean Empire, succeeding the Joseon Dynasty was proclaimed in 1897, and lasted until the invasion of Imperial Japan in 1910. Korea issued its first commemorative stamp on 18 October 1902, marking the 40th anniversary of the reign of Emperor Gojong.

The stamp was issued in orange colour and is strikingly beautiful. The stamp was printed by the Korean Imperial Transition Bureau. The stamp features the crown of the Emperor. However, the crown is not the key feature of the stamp.

The crown is depicted in the centre which is surrounded by a diamond shape. Each corner of the diamond has painted a sentence of Ewha royal. At the four corners of the stamps ' Samchun”' and ' 3 ' has displayed. At the top Korean letters are engraved and at the bottom of the 'POSTES DE COREE' is seen. Interestingly, the crown depicts both Korean and French languages, the reason for which is not known.

In 1910, Japan assumed administrative control of Korean Empire, and subsequently, all mail used Japanese Chosen stamps.

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