Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets turned 20 yesterday!

03 Jul 2018  Tue

“You forgot the magic word”

Well, Dudley might have forgotten but we never will! The second part of a seven-book long series turned 20 yesterday! Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, the second novel in the Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling, was first published on 2nd July 1998 by Bloomsbury in the UK.

Harry’s adventures within the enchanted castle captivate us as we travel through time and gain an insight into the school’s scary secret. It introduced many new characters who stuck through with us for the remainder of the series. Yet another year at Hogwarts packed with interestingly weird magic lessons, absurd secret messages written on the walls, disembodied voices, crazy yet handsome new Defence Against Dark Arts teacher, House-elf Dobby, young Harry’s fan Colin Creevey, and many more! This book was everything and more than we expected.

To say in Gilderoy Lockhart’s words “Spooky how the time flies when one's having fun”. 20 years...wow! It hardly feels so. That’s maybe because we never stop reading books or watching the movies all over again!

For the philatelist Potterheads out there; did you know there are Harry Potter themed stamps?

Royal Mail has issued in 2007 seven First Class Royal Mail mint stamps featuring the seven book covers. A miniature sheet consisting of five stamps was issued in the same year. Out of which four represent the four Hogwarts houses and one features the Hogwarts school seal.

Other stamps from the Heroes and Villains series issued in 2011 depict Dumbledore and Voldemort.

US Post too has released in 2013 Harry Potter limited-edition Forever stamp collection which celebrates this magical world and brings it within our grasp! A 20 stamp souvenir booklet featuring the different characters and scenes against the Hogwarts castle background was released in an attempt to engage the fans in this hobby. Each set of four stamps surrounds the red wax seal of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

We all are waiting for our letter from Hogwarts. And if it were to be delivered in the muggle way baring these stamps!

Grab these exciting stamps of ‘the boy of lived ‘and keep the child in you alive!

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