Rare ‘Lazy Deuce’ $2 National Banknote Discovered

26 Jun 2018  Tue

Only four rare issues of the Second National Bank of Lansing, Michigan were known until a few days back when a Lazy Deuce note was discovered. It is also the only known note from the bank bearing a denomination of $2.

The note is graded Choice Fine 15 by PMG and was sold in part by a passionate collector from Eastern United States to Liberty Coin Service. Three known examples from the Second National Bank are $1 issues. Two out of these three issues are from the Original Series and one is from 1875 series. Another known example is a $5 national of 1875.

Only 1,600 $2 notes were issued in the Original Series. 230 Series of 1875 $2.00 notes were issued later, none of which are known to exist today. Making this discovery the only known $2 example of its type. Treasury signatures of Register Stoddard B. Colby, Treasurer Francis E. Spinner, bank signatures of James I. Mead as president and Joseph Mills as Cashier are also present on the note.

The note is nicknamed as “Lazy Deuce” because of the large horizontal number 2 on the obverse with the vignette Stars and Stripes. The vignette on the reverse features Sir Walter Raleigh Presenting Corn and Tobacco to the English.

Image courtesy: Liberty Coin Service

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