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Silver coin of Harikela

22 Jun 2018  Fri

In the Bengal; region of ancient India, a Kingdom known as Harikela was ruled by the Chandra dynasty around 10th Century CE. The reference to this ruling house is found through numerous historical evidence like the text and archaeological artefact discovered during excavations.

Illustrated here is a silver coin of Harikela kingdom, it weighs around 5.67g and distinguishes as retrograde type. On the obverse of this coin a recumbent bull is depicted facing right, above it a legend in inscribed in the later form of Brahmi script, which reads ‘ Harikela’ above it within the dotted and line border. The reverse of this coin features a symbol of Shrivatsa or tripartite in the centre with crescent and sun above it within the dotted and line border.

This extremely fine and very rare coin was auctioned by the Todywalla auction in Mumbai this year.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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