Unused Designs of Emanuel Hahn Featured on New Canadian Coins

20 Jun 2018  Wed

Emanuel Hahn had created designs for two silver dollars in 1937 along with Bluenose and Caribou designs that are present on Canadian coins even today. Apart from the selected designs for 10-cent and 20-cent coins, Hahn had proposed many other designs as well. Three such designs are going to be used for creating new 31.39 grams .9999 fine silver coins. The sculptor’s vision has been brought to life by referring his pencil sketches in detail and striking the coins in a Reverse Proof finish. The sketches are a part of the National Currency Collection.

The 5-cent coin’s reverse features Hahn’s original Caribou design, which is also depicted on the 25-cent circulation coin. The ungulate moves beneath the sky showing the Big Dipper, when the coin is tilted. Other inscriptions include CANADA, 2018 and 5 CENTS.

A polar bear is featured on the 25-cent coin. It is standing on an ice floe with an open sea in the background. Aurora Borealis and the Big Dipper are seen in the sky. Other inscriptions include CANADA, 25 CENTS and 2018.

Another 25-cent coin design features a flying goose with stars in the background. The flight feathers on the wings are shown in detail. The Big Dipper is seen as a common element along with other inscriptions like 25 CENTS, 2018 and CANADA.

The obverse features an effigy of King George VI on each coin. 5,500 sets have been released and each set comes in a red case with certificate of authenticity. The set can be purchased for $269.95 Canadian.

Image Courtesy: The Royal Canadian Mint

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