Rare 1809 5-peseta coin of Gerona to be Auctioned

16 Jun 2018  Sat

Cayon Numismatica is going to offer a local silver 5-peseta coin of Gerona on 3rd July in Madrid. Spanish people had to take refuge in Madrid and other neighbouring cities when Napoleon attacked the country in 1808. The city of Gerona tried their best to stop the invasion. The offered coin was issued during this period.

The local Council of Girona was established in June 1808 and it declared a war against the French occupation army. People from Girona along with an army led by Gen. Alvarez de Castro fought against the French in June and then July. The last battle went on for nine months which led to a shortage of food, money and other essentials. The local board issued silver coins to cope with this shortage on December 18th 1808. Silver from locals and the church was used to produce the coins on 8th January 1809.

The obverse features an image of the Spanish King Ferdinand VII. The reverse features the town’s name and shield. Similar coins dated 1808 were issued in 1809, but with a different design than that found on the offered coin.

The second version features the king in a heroic pose to give out a clear political message to the common people about the presence of the Spanish king. The designs are similar to Roman Empire coins. The emperor is wearing a military uniform, symbolizing victory. Experts believe that only nine such coins were minted. Out of these, only three exist. The offered coin is the second best in terms of condition.

A silversmith from Gerona named Antonio Dassoy made two pairs of dies. The first pair broke while striking the 10th coin, while the second one is showcased at the Museo de la Real Casa de Moneda y Timbre. The coin is graded Extremely Fine and has an estimated value of €30,000.

Image Courtesy: Cayon Numismatica

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